God-centered family

Dr. Hyun Jin P. Moon (Dr. 文顕進)12/02/2017

Purpose of creation(創造目的)

“Ladies and gentlemen, the family is the most fundamental and defining institution of our human experience. It is a sacred institution where God’s original vision of creation was meant to take root. It should have been the well-spring of True Love, a divine selfless love of self- sacrifice; the school of love where True Life is formed; and the hometown of His direct dominion where all humanity is connected directly to His True Lineage through a covenant in blood.

​Instead of being just our Creator, God intended to be our True Parent and co-create with His sons and daughters the physical kingdom of heaven on earth. His deepest desire was to connect intimately to every human life in a parent and child relationship of love. Through this relationship, He wanted to bequeath His truth, righteousness and goodness to His sons and daughters, expanding His presence through blood ties into a wider network of familial relationships, especially to subsequent generations. Such God-centered families would and should have become the building blocks for a peaceful, ideal world.”



Importance of God-centered Families(神様中心の家庭の重要性)

“True freedom and innate human value can only be realized when we recognize and live according to the spirit and our conscience. It is in the family where these ideals need to first be cultivated and experienced and then shared with the rest of society, nations and the world.

It is through such families that humanity has the chance to be enlightened and become active participants in building a world of peace and co-prosperity. It is where universal principles and values are made real and where God’s truth, righteousness and goodness emerge. ”



The urgent situation of the world today(今日の世界の切迫した状況)

“Traditional ideals and bedrock values that defined the daily throughout human history, providing the foundation for cohesive societies, are called into questions. This inner strife and confusion, especially in the West, has global consequences since it reflects a deteriorating moral authority in the eyes of the rest of the world”